5 Alternative Video Conferencing Platforms

A few months ago, video conferencing platforms were not so popular, as there was no clear need for it. However, the Covid-19 has impacted the world, and now many people must look for alternatives to continue studying and working from home. It is necessary to have a video conferencing platform, even to be able to see your family. For business high grade internet or wireless internet is ideal for network video conferencing. That is why we prepared this list for you of the 5 Alternative Video Conferencing Platforms You Might Want To Consider:


Today, Discord is one of the best video conferencing platforms because it is a versatile application that requires very few computers or cell phone resources. It is straightforward to use, you can organize a conference in a short time, and it is very stable. Discord became known throughout the gaming world since it did not require many resources and did not affect the game’s quality, and its versatility has made it what it is today.

You can use it both on your PC and your cell phone, and it has a wide range of functions that allows you to create a video conference with up to 99 people at the same time. Although it has a premium version for adding bots and other features, it is a free application that you can use for your conferences without having to pay a penny. You can create your server for free, and the Discord platform itself will maintain it. Discord’s only negative point is that having such a large community, sometimes servers are created with fraudulent motives.



This is a more exclusive video conference platform to deal with more formal matters such as work. It is the perfect combination of video quality, audio, and tools needed to carry out any work conference.

BlueJeans Meetings has earned its place in this competitive market thanks to its ability to connect both computers, laptops, and cell phones into a single video conference so that everyone can use the tools without affecting the video or audio quality. With Blue Jeans Meetings, you can connect to any video conference from anywhere. Besides, it has a friendly interface even for people who do not have much knowledge of technology and have been forced by the current situation to use this type of platform to work, study, etc.



Microsoft Teams represents Microsoft’s foray into the world of productivity software. It allows for interaction with team members via chat and videoconferencing, schedule meetings and access to various content, task planning, and working with the rest of Office 365 applications. The maximum capacity to establish meetings is 250 people, and the size allowed for PowerPoint files is 2 GB.

We can take advantage of everything you need to execute a project in Teams (applications, chats, documents, among others). On the other hand, it does not allow interaction with people outside the organization as a negative point.



It is a Google instant messaging application that offers various options when communicating, both by text messages, video calls, and voice calls, similar to what other platforms offer.

You can send any file, create groups, among many other things. As the main advantage, it offers excellent audio and video quality. It has a capacity for up to 10 people on video calls. Among the great things they offer is that you can add visual effects or sounds when you are making a video call.

However, the downside is that it’s not yet as well known as other applications (Skype or WhatsApp), so it can be challenging to get people to make video calls by going to other channels.



Slack is an instant messaging application that is quite beneficial for all types of companies, large, medium, or small since it facilitates management processes within a company and its workgroups. Although it is a tool made for companies’ use, it works perfectly for any environment where they want to use instant messaging.

Slack serves very well for freelancers who are developing a particular project for a company, and thus communicate through a private channel or is useful for a group of workers developing the same project. One of its significant advantages is that it is a free application and offers various features that encourage teamwork, especially when uploading files to the cloud.

The disadvantage is that it does not allow video calls, making communication less effective. It becomes complicated to get older information as new information accumulates, and it does not allow the sending of videos.



The use of wireless technology in pilates training

There are many Smartwatches, wireless headphones, and other wearable tech gadgets that are being during Pilates. These things make you get the most out of your workout, especially when you have a goal in mind. Plus, they all integrate seamlessly with your smartphone, so you can review your statistics after the workout. It is no secret wearable technology has changed how Pilates training is done.

Now, you have no Pilates trainer to tell you how many calories you need to lose. You can put it up to the Smartwatch you are wearing so you would know if you would continue to work out or not. The last thing you would want to happen is to end the workout session slightly earlier than what you should have. Here are a few things wearable technology will do for you:

Monitors Sleep

These gadgets will count the number of hours you sleep each night. Remember, it is important to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. If you don’t, it is possible to feel a little bit stressed the next day. It won’t be long before you get used to the amount of sleep that you get. You will also know if you need to sleep early the next day if you lacked sleep the day before that. Yes, you will need to make up for it one way or the other. The good thing about it is that it won’t disturb your sleep unless you set the alarm on your smartphone to wake you up early for the next day.

Sleep trackers

  1. Fitbit Versa 2. Wearable sleep tracker, with reliable accuracy and Alexa built-in.
  2. Beautyrest. Best non-wearable sleep tracker that sits under your mattress.
  3. Emfit QS. A sleep tracker for sportspeople with heart rate variability & recovery.
  4. Withings Sleep

Counts Calories Lost

When you know the number of calories you ate, you would want to lose it too during the time you are working out. These wearable gadgets come in as it will count all the calories you have lost. However, that does not mean you must eat those calories again after you got rid of them. It only means that you will feel better when you get rid of unwanted fat in your body. This will tell you if you need to increase your exercise activity each day or the amount of exercise you are doing would already do. There are times when we think we exercise enough, but it looks like we are gaining weight instead of the opposite. Thus, it would be best to know the number of calories lost per workout session.

10 Best Calorie Counter Watches

  • FitBit Flex. The Fitbit Flex the #1 best selling calorie counter watch on Amazon.
  • Polar RS300X Running Heart Rate Monitor and Computer. …
  • Garmin vívofit 2.
  • Nike+ FuelBand SE.
  • Misfit Shine. …
  • Timex Men’s Ironman Road Trainer.
  • Jawbone UP24.
  • Basis Peak.

Counts Steps

If you are working at a place where you will walk around the entire time, the Smartwatch will tell you the number of steps you have walked. If it has reached over a thousand steps, it means you are doing something beneficial to your body. If you do that, you may not even need to work out after work because you already did during work. You will certainly be exhausted after doing that, and a big meal would make you pretty happy about yourself. It is highly recommended to do at least ten to fifteen thousand steps a day. You will know if you reached that goal from your tracker or you are pretty far from it.

It is awesome how these gadgets can be worn on your wrist, and you can treat it as your watch. However, it has several other purposes that will be detrimental to your health, especially during a worldwide pandemic. Yes, it is not advisable to go to gyms, so these gadgets will be useful during these times. You will get reminders on your mobile phone about the workouts that you need to do to achieve that goal.

These things will motivate you because, without them, you would not be motivated to do those things. Yes, there are times when all it takes is a little bit of motivation to keep you going. You can’t blame yourself if you feel a little lazy at times, and you will just call it off in a flash. There is a reason why there are so many manufacturers of wearable fitness devices.


Electrical Technologies

What are the 3 types of connectors?
The three types of cable connectors are coaxial cable connectors, fibre-optic connectors, and twisted pair connectors. Coaxial cable connectors are used for TV and radio equipment. Without it, you would not be able to watch what is the latest news. Yes, soldiers would need that so they would know if the country needs them to return to their base or not. It is likely they would want to return home rather than stay at their base the entire time as they could just be training for nothing. Fibre-optic connectors would need you to keep track of the polarity of the wires. If the wires are not connected properly by Amphenol connectors, you won’t be getting the result you are looking for.

What is Mil-Spec wire?
It means military specification wire and it gets used for military electrical appliances. One thing that comes to mind is the audio device soldiers used to communicate with each other. There will certainly be times when the soldiers would need to separate and they would need to talk to each other in order to achieve a common goal. Also, they are pretty strict when it comes to a mil-spec wire as each one must meet the criteria set by the military. Thus, some may not be allowed by them but that is alright as it just means Mil-spec connectors are going to keep on improving. There will be more that will be produced and each one has a specific function. In fact, one electrical military appliance may contain a ton of Mil-Spec connectors. Besides, there is no need to study those things anyway. The important thing is you can get the appliance to function the way it is supposed to. You would not want to see all that effort go to waste when it was deemed ineffective.

What electrical technologies used for Mil-Spec connectors?
One good example would be a tank as there is a lot of wiring involved in it. Yes, those things are a bit complicated and a bunch of connectors are there too. It would take an expert to find out how to connect those things so you would not need to be confused. There are a lot of electrical technologies used and some of them would involve new inventions. You know IT experts would want to come up with something that is really groundbreaking. Yes, that means each day the Mil-Spec connectors are being used for something new. In a military setup, you would always need new things to spice things up. Besides, you would need to upend the enemy one way or the other. Because of that, you need to think of a good plan all the time. It is not a surprise how the top-ranked military officers meet all the time in order to come up with new military electrical technologies. Of course, there are no guarantees those things will actually work.

What is the difference between MIL C and MIL DTL?
Mil C shows eight military definitions while MIL DTL means military detail spec. There are a lot of differences between the two and it starts with the materials used for it. Both materials are rather impressive and it shows how the manufacturers took their time in making each product. They would want to make the best wire possible and you can’t blame them because the wires play a vital role in the electrical appliance. They may be small but they are pretty important for the appliances to function properly. There are times when these things are connected to solder or crimp then they can’t be removed anymore. Thus, better be sure that is where you want to connect them to.

What are the uses of connectors?
Its most common use is to join electrical circuits. When the circuits are connected, electrical appliances like computers, refrigerators, TVs, and ranges function. There are just too many electrical appliances to mention. They all have one thing in common and that is they all need connectors behind them. Believe it or not, the connectors have a female and male end. That is why they are connected to each other as they were made that way.

Wireless Network

Wireless Network

A wireless network uses radio signals to communicate with other network devices. It can be termed as WLAN. Well, the wireless network is increasing in its popularity because it requires no cabling and it is easy to set up. A wireless network allows other devices to get connected to the network. Its access points amplify the signals hence it makes it more convenient to access the network so long as you are within network coverage. Therefore, in this article, I will highlight some key aspects that are key to wireless networks. So let’s get into it.

How Do wireless networks work?

Wireless networks work using the electromagnetic spectrum which works using radio frequency technology. An electromagnetic field is created when radiofrequency is transmitted to the antenna. Therefore, for the wireless network to work there should be an access point where the signals are broadcasted. This is to serve as a link to devices such as multi pin electrical connectors that are within the wireless connection. Therefore for divorced to connected to the wireless network they should have network adapters. They change data into radio signals then transmit them using an antenna.

It is important to familiarize yourself with wireless technology standards because there are several networking standards. Additionally, before purchasing any device that supports wireless networks you should take note of the speed and range. This is because you will experience strong signals when you are closer to the access point.

Types of wireless networks

A wireless network is useful since it allows communication over the network. Well, the following are the types of wireless networks.

Wireless Local Area Networks

This network links more than two devices via an access point. The signals are distributed to provide a wider internet. Therefore it allows users within the area to gain access to the internet. It is commonly used in libraries or campuses. If there is a small number of users there is no need of having an access point. Instead, a Temporary network can be formed though they will be unable to access network resources.

Wireless Wide Area Networks

This network covers a wider area like cities via antenna sites or multiple satellite systems which are coordinated by an ISP.

Wireless Personal Area Networks

This network uses the current technologies of wireless network which includes Bluetooth and infrared. This network allows connectivity of devices within a range of 30 ft. Besides, Infrared has a shorter range and it requires a direct line.

Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks

This technology connects several wireless LANs.It allows connections in a metropolitan area. This can be a backup for laying a chopper.

Therefore all these types of networks convey information irrespective of the type.

What are the regulations on wireless networking

The number of access points determines the demands of the users. Areas with a high density of users require more access points. Additionally, network reliability is necessary for sufficient connection among the users. Security is also vital for wireless networks. Therefore, network access logs should be maintained so that users can log in using a username and a password. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the network. An unsecured computer has issues due to bandwidth usage.

The following are some of the standards in wireless networking.


The basic distance of a wireless network is about 30 meters and 90 meters for connections of a higher range.


The 802.11n Standard has the highest data transmission speed. It offers a speed of about 600 Mbps. On the other hand, 802.11a has a speed of 54 Mbps.


This is the time that it takes for data to be transmitted to the receiver. It can be known as a delay. Additionally, it can be altered by multiple access mode which holds the transmission.


The frequency of a wireless device is not set directly. Well, there exist two frequency bands for the 802.11 families. They include 5GHZ and 2.4 GHz.


The wireless standards use the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands which provide enhanced bandwidth. The combination of these frequencies at the end-user is termed as the channel.


Sonify wireless network is a competent wireless network because of its extensive coverage and availability because of its efficient data transmission. A wireless network is a cheaper way to access the internet. You don’t need to purchase cables. Its access and availability have also been enhanced with the use of adaptors. The wireless technology increases efficiency through improved data communications which leads to faster transmission of information.


Cellular Systems


A cellular system is a wireless communication in which several cells are installed with low power radio aerials or antennas that are normally located at a particular geographical area and interconnected to a midpoint exchange. As a cell phone receiver moves from one place to another and its radio frequency, identity, and location is handed by the cell to another without interrupting a call. Cellular technology systems need to be set up efficiently since the number of people using cellular systems is increasing day in day out. Here are some of the basic units found in a cellular system.

Basic units of a cellular system

Mobile station
A mobile station is typically a wireless mobile device that contains a transceiver, control unit and an antenna system for voice and data transmission. For instance, in GCM networks the mobile unit will contain a sim card and mobile equipment.

Base station
This is a fixed station for mobile cellular systems and it’s used for mobile units and radio communications. It consists of transmitters, radio receivers and radio channels mounted on top of a tower.

Gateway is another unit or component of the cellular system. It refers to communication links between wired and wireless systems or two wireless systems. Two logical elements found in the gateway is the interworking function and the mobile switching center. The mobile switching center connects the mobile stations and the cellular base stations to other mobile switching centers or public telephone networks.

Databases are another significant unit in cellular systems. They are used to keep track of important information such as caller location, billing and subscriber data. There are two major databases known as the visitor location register and the home location register. The VLR stores information temporarily about the subscriber visiting the coverage area of the mobile switching center.

The main reason for using cellular systems

The cellular systems have a high number of users, high capacity and excellent network speed. The majority of people are using cellular systems since they have an increased bandwidth which leads to the transfer of data at very high speeds. The fast, uninterrupted, superior internet connectivity, providing by business NBN, is an advantage to mobile users undertaking a video conference and or a chat. The cellular systems also cover a much larger coverage than other systems such as wifi. It is also safe, secure and private an as well as not being vulnerable to any internet security threats.

How does cellular data work?

Cellular data refers to a communication network linked by wireless systems. The network or data is distributed over cells each served by a fixed-location transceiver. The base station or unit provides the cell with network coverage used for data and voice transmission. A cell normally uses a distinct set of frequencies from the neighboring cells to provide each cell with guaranteed service quality and avoid interference. Cellular data utilizes the network provided from the cell towers for communication through phone calls and internet connectivity.

What is interference in the cellular system?

In wireless networks or cellular networks, interference refers to a disruptive signal that travels in a disruptive manner along a channel between its receiver and the source. They are also unwanted signals that cause disturbance in the cellular systems causing inconveniences in the network systems. Some various types of interference include multiple access interference, adjacent channel interference, and self-interference.


Welcome to Sonify Wireless

About Sonify Wireless

Sonify Wireless, a division of Sonify Security, operates Australias only Public Mobitex Wireless Data Network. The company was formed in February 2002 when ADT acquired United Wireless (UW). United Wireless had operated the Mobitex Network in Australia since early 1993.

Mobitex networks are the networks of choice for business-critical wireless applications such as those used by emergency services around the world. In fact, over 55% of Police forces in England and Wales use the Mobitex network in the UK operated by Transcomm PLC. Developed by Ericsson in Sweden, the technology supports a diverse range of applications but is particularly suited to wireless mobile applications where reliable and timely delivery of data is a high priority. Mobitex is well established worldwide and is considered a de-facto standard for wireless data communications with public networks in over 33 Nations.

wireless technology

In Australia, Sonify Wireless network is used across a number of markets by some of the world’s leading organizations. Organizations such as Tyco Fire and Security, FedEx and The Public Transport Corporation of Victoria, all of which have one thing in common their businesses rely on timely and reliable delivery of information.

Solution Partners

The business solutions utilizing our network are delivered by our Solution Partners, supported by value-added services from Sonify Wireless. Not only do we provide our partners access to what many consider the most reliable wireless data technology available, but we also provide additional services such as application hosting, financing, and 24/7 monitoring. We value the relationships with our partners, which stands to reason since our success is contingent upon theirs! And that means we’ll do all we can to help them succeed.

Private Networks

Having designed and implemented our own public network, Sonify Wireless has the expertise to design, implement and manage private Mobitex Data Networks for our customer’s own purposes. In Australia, in conjunction with partners Technisyst Computing and Ericsson, we designed, installed and commissioned a private network for the Queensland Ambulance Service. The same consortium has also been selected by the NSW Department of Information Technology and Management (DITM) to design, implement and manage a private network to be used exclusively by NSW Emergency Services. The selection of the latter largely based on the overwhelming success of the Queensland Ambulance Service network. In fact, a number of emergency services and defense organizations around the world rely on private Mobitex networks for mission-critical data transmission.

So if you have an application or you’d simply like to find out more about what Sonify Wireless can offer you, simply fill in a request for information