5 Alternative Video Conferencing Platforms

A few months ago, video conferencing platforms were not so popular, as there was no clear need for it. However, the Covid-19 has impacted the world, and now many people must look for alternatives to continue studying and working from home. It is necessary to have a video conferencing platform, even to be able to see your family. For business high grade internet or wireless internet is ideal for network video conferencing. That is why we prepared this list for you of the 5 Alternative Video Conferencing Platforms You Might Want To Consider:


Today, Discord is one of the best video conferencing platforms because it is a versatile application that requires very few computers or cell phone resources. It is straightforward to use, you can organize a conference in a short time, and it is very stable. Discord became known throughout the gaming world since it did not require many resources and did not affect the game’s quality, and its versatility has made it what it is today.

You can use it both on your PC and your cell phone, and it has a wide range of functions that allows you to create a video conference with up to 99 people at the same time. Although it has a premium version for adding bots and other features, it is a free application that you can use for your conferences without having to pay a penny. You can create your server for free, and the Discord platform itself will maintain it. Discord’s only negative point is that having such a large community, sometimes servers are created with fraudulent motives.



This is a more exclusive video conference platform to deal with more formal matters such as work. It is the perfect combination of video quality, audio, and tools needed to carry out any work conference.

BlueJeans Meetings has earned its place in this competitive market thanks to its ability to connect both computers, laptops, and cell phones into a single video conference so that everyone can use the tools without affecting the video or audio quality. With Blue Jeans Meetings, you can connect to any video conference from anywhere. Besides, it has a friendly interface even for people who do not have much knowledge of technology and have been forced by the current situation to use this type of platform to work, study, etc.



Microsoft Teams represents Microsoft’s foray into the world of productivity software. It allows for interaction with team members via chat and videoconferencing, schedule meetings and access to various content, task planning, and working with the rest of Office 365 applications. The maximum capacity to establish meetings is 250 people, and the size allowed for PowerPoint files is 2 GB.

We can take advantage of everything you need to execute a project in Teams (applications, chats, documents, among others). On the other hand, it does not allow interaction with people outside the organization as a negative point.



It is a Google instant messaging application that offers various options when communicating, both by text messages, video calls, and voice calls, similar to what other platforms offer.

You can send any file, create groups, among many other things. As the main advantage, it offers excellent audio and video quality. It has a capacity for up to 10 people on video calls. Among the great things they offer is that you can add visual effects or sounds when you are making a video call.

However, the downside is that it’s not yet as well known as other applications (Skype or WhatsApp), so it can be challenging to get people to make video calls by going to other channels.



Slack is an instant messaging application that is quite beneficial for all types of companies, large, medium, or small since it facilitates management processes within a company and its workgroups. Although it is a tool made for companies’ use, it works perfectly for any environment where they want to use instant messaging.

Slack serves very well for freelancers who are developing a particular project for a company, and thus communicate through a private channel or is useful for a group of workers developing the same project. One of its significant advantages is that it is a free application and offers various features that encourage teamwork, especially when uploading files to the cloud.

The disadvantage is that it does not allow video calls, making communication less effective. It becomes complicated to get older information as new information accumulates, and it does not allow the sending of videos.


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