Always online and instantly accessible
The Sonify Wireless Network is a complete mobile data network based on Ericssons most advanced Digital data technology; Mobitex, a digital cellular Network. Like a mobile telephone system, overlapping radio cells provide the coverage in the Sonify Wireless Network.

Unlike other cellular systems, however, the Sonify Wireless Network is a dedicated data network that uses packet switching for maximum efficiency. This means that the network is always on and instantly accessible and that the customer is billed for the amount of data transmitted, not connection time. Delays incurred with voice based GSM/GPRS mobile networks are a thing of the past. GSM networks require a new dial-up circuit connection to be created every time data has to be sent and GPRS requires a session to be set up from the mobile. With priority given to voice over these networks, and congestion in crowded areas of public mobile users, there is no guarantee that the circuit or session will be set up quickly or at the first or subsequent attempts. In addition, GSM/GPRS network links can be dropped so the call has to be set up again and data re-transmitted. With the Sonify Wireless Network, there is no contention with voice, which means no set-up delay, and maximum data rate always.

Mission Critical Data Transmission
It is the network of choice for business critical wireless data applications for organisations wanting to run their business more profitably and efficiently. Since its initial commissioning in 1993, the network has proven its reliability and cost-effectiveness in a number of business to business wireless data applications that require levels of reliability and integrity not available from consumer oriented, voice-centric mobile networks such as those based on GSM/GPRS technology. If it is critical that the data sent to your mobile users gets there quickly, securely, every time then you need Sonify Wirelesss data network.

Extensive Coverage and Availability
The Sonify Wireless Network is Australias only data-only wireless network providing over 77% population coverage and over 99.9% service availability to corporate and public sector users.

Guaranteed Data Throughput
Messages can always get through with the Sonify Wireless Network it has full packet accountability – and the network transit times are predictable and consistent. A mailbox facility in the Network can store any packets sent to a mobile device if it is temporarily out of contact with the network and then automatically forward them when the mobile re-establishes contact with the network. Sonify Wireless’s technology allows data to be sent either end with no call set up or connection (known as push and pull) and ensures data integrity throughout. The data throughput rate of GSM/GPRS networks can be compromised due to limited bandwidth when voice calls get priority. With the Sonify Wireless data-only network there is no compromise.

More Efficient Data Transmission
The protocols used to transmit data over our network are more efficient than competing technologies. This means that the same packet of information sent with Mobitex uses less data than other technologies so you pay less for your data. And each time a data session has to be re-established with other networks, you are wasting valuable time and money one thing you dont have to worry about with our network. You pay less when you use Sonify Wireless.

An Open Standard
The Sonify Wireless Network uses the Mobitex network technology from Ericsson, an open standard used by many operators around the world which has encouraged an extensive range of Partners to develop a wide variety of out-of-the box solutions.

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