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July 24, 2004

Qualcomm releases multimedia intensive chipset for phones. The new chipset offers enhanced graphic, video, camera, connectivity and audio capability, including support for 3D sound and MP3/AAC/aacPlus codecs.  Full Story

July 22, 2004

Miami MobileMusiCon 2004 November 18-19. Leading members of the music and mobile industry will be featured throughout the event. Subjects include the development, creation, licensing of works, marketing and technology behind mobile music.  Full Story

July 14, 2004

Daves Ringones for SMAF vol. 6. David Bristow completes his series on SMAF production by discussing best practices for converting MIDI to SMAF.  Full Story

Mobile Media Watch. Steve Myers discusses new trends in music gaming for latest Japanese handsets.  Full Story

July 01, 2004

Macromedia annouced the Flash Lite 1.1 profile adding audio format support for SMAF, MP3, ADPCM WAV (1.0 supported MIDI and MFi), both event and streamed audio, along with improved ActionScript features and better interaction with device's operating system.  Full Story

Unwiredtec, Inc. has released Unwiredtec Flash Engine - a new plugin for Ringtone Creator that converts just about any kind of ringtone format into SWF format for playback through the ubiquitous Flash desktop browser player.  Full Story

Mozilla, Apple, Macromedia, Sun, and Opera have joined forces to expand the scope of its Netscape Plugin Application Interfacearchitecture to create an open source, secure and scriptable plug-in model.  Full Story

Nokia updated "MIDI And True Tones In Nokia Devices v2.0" to discuss Mobile XMF and Mobile DLS, download methods, and the instruments in Nokia GSM/CDMA/TDMA devices.  Full Story

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Exploring the J2ME Mobile Media APIs

July 21, 2004  Added link to devx.com article by David Hemphill. The Mobile Media APIs provide a rich and extensible framework for playing and capturing a wide variety of media on mobile devices. Includes information about interacting with sound through J2ME MIDP2.0.

Kinoma Player

July 20, 2004  Added link to the Kinoma player web site. The freely available Kinoma player, along with the iShell mobile authoring application, enables developers to create interactive multimedia applications for PalmOS containing sound, video and animation.

Using Sound in Flash Lite 1.1

July 14, 2004  Added link to macromedia.com article by Nader Nejat. How to use Flash MX Professional and the new Flash Lite Bundler application to add device audio formats such as MIDI, MFi to SWF for playback on Flash Lite enabled phones.

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