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August 25, 2004

Music Media Watch by Steve Myers. Japanese Mobile Music Providers Continue Overseas Expansion.  Full Story

August 22, 2004

Mobile HCI 2004 Conference includes a session on the role of sound in human computer interfaces for mobile devices and is seeking presenters for this topic. September 13th 2004 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.  Full Story

August 16, 2004

MMA and AMEI release internet draft of mobile XMF registering audio/mobile-xmf mime type. Mobile-xmf is a synthetic audio format for the presentation of SP-MIDI and Mobile DLS instrument data intended for mobile devices.  Full Story

August 13, 2004

The SSEYO miniMIXA audio application for Microsoft Windows Mobile devices will make its world debut as it plays a Futuresonic Sound System dance set at FutureDJ, part of the ISEA2004 arts festival.  Full Story

August 12, 2004

Tao SSEYO announces miniMIXA, a multi-channel mobile audio mixer and recording studio for PocketPC and Windows Smart Phone platforms. Support for generative audio, MIDI, and SSEYO's flexible SKM format combining samples and midi together.  Full Story

August 10, 2004

Audible will be offering its free AudibleReady Client SDK for building speech cotent playback on Windows Mobile and PalmOS devices. Support for DRM, Secure content download, and ACELP audio compression.  Full Story

August 08, 2004

Tao SSEYO pre-releases its user guide for its forthcoming Koan Pro 3 software which will support authoring of many mobile audio formats including XMF, DLS, SP-MIDI, and SKM.  Full Story

August 04, 2004

Faith Inc. announced that it would be starting new mobile music download services in Malaysia and Singapore.  Full Story

Mobile Media Watch. Yamaha and MTV Japan Team Up to offer MTV Music Finder, a new music recognition service for mobile phones.  Full Story

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PocketPC sound programming resources

August 31, 2004  Linked to audio articles index at PocketPC developer network about interacting with sound through the PocketPC OS and ported sound engines.


August 27, 2004  Added link to Modern-Clie-Audio which is a software add-on for older Sony Clie devices, NX/NZ/TG Palm 5.0, that provides audio capabilities similar to Palm 5.2 OS devices.


August 22, 2004  Linked to PHP Midi Class by Valentin Schmidt. Class for reading, writing, analyzing, modifying, creating, downloading and playing (embedding) standard MIDI files (*.mid, *.rmi) of type 0 or 1.

MobileSynth for mobile devices

August 18, 2004  Added a link to product information for MobileSynth, a SP-MIDI and XMF compliant wave table based audio engine for mobile devices.

Detecting Streaming Media Players and Connection Speed

August 10, 2004  Linked to article at streamingmedia.com by Larry Bouthillier. Learn how to detect end user's bandwidth with JavaScript and detect player support.

Controlling audio formats with J2ME on various devices

August 01, 2004  Linked to resource by Dan Clapson. This guide will help software developers create working FX on Nokia, Motorola, Sharp, Sagem and Sony mobile devices. Full-code examples for each device for playing melodies,wave-audio,and vibration.

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