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September 28, 2004

Frost & Sullivan Report recognized Nellymoser with the 2004 Best Mobile Music Interactivity Solution of the Year Award for its techology powering the Warner Mobile Music Streaming Jukebox for Java-enabled handsets.  Full Story

In August Frost & Sullivan Marketing Analysts released its U.S. Mobile Music Report, examining different applications, platforms, business models, and revenue sharing agreements in the industry and identifies drivers, challenges, restraints, and application trends.  Full Story

September 24, 2004

Beatnik Inc will be an exhibitor through Texas Instrument's stand at this year's Symbian Expo. They are inviting developers to drop by and discuss the capabilities of the mobileBAE in rich media applications for phones.  Full Story

"Case study" on how Macrospace used the Beatnik Audio Engine for its Java game 'Fatal Force: Earth Assault.'  Full Story

September 23, 2004

Sonic Networks will present a paper on Embedded Audio Synthesis at the GSPx 2004 embedded systems conference, 27-30 Sata Clara CA. Conference also includes papers on other audio and multimedia topics for embedded systems.  Full Story

Consect released its 2004 Mobile Music report indicating global mobile phone ringtone sales will total $4 billion in 2004, with a doubling of US market to $300 million.  Full Story

September 15, 2004

The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group invites members of the mobile audio community to join its newly formed Mobile Audio Working group. The group will research and publish a report on audio technologies and production techniques for mobile devices.  Full Story

September 09, 2004

The W3C released the 'Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) Version 1.0' as a W3C recommendation. SSML is intended for controlling pronunciation, volume, pitch and rate of synthetic speech in voice browsers.  Full Story

September 04, 2004

Levi Jeans plans on using interactive video and ringtone mixing applications in mobile devices to help sell its new brand of 501 jeans.  Full Story

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New: List of Mobile Audio Engines

September 25, 2004  We added a new section dedicated to mobile audio engines to our mobile audio resources area. In this section you can learn more out about ringtone, game audio and multimedia audio engines for PalmOS, Pocket PC and Symbian.

mobileXMF Spect Sheet

September 25, 2004  Linked to Beatnik's mobileXMF spec sheet which describes features of the upcoming mobileXMF format, a subset of standard XMF.

Dave Bristow's SMAF Authoring Tips

September 24, 2004  Added a link to Dave Bristow's article series at Yamaha SMAF global about authoring SMAF content using FM synthesis, audio samples and WAV table synthesis.

Mobile Authoring Applications

September 19, 2004  Added QuickTime Pro 6.5 support for 3gp audio formats: AAC, AMR and QCELP.

SMAF Emulator for BREW

September 16, 2004  Added link to Yamaha's SMAF emulator for BREW. Enables a BREW application to interact with SMAF audio content in the desktop desktop and emulation environment.

Flash OpenSound Control

September 02, 2004  Added link to flosc by Ben Chun. A Java server that can communicate with applications that use the OpenSound Control protocol, like Max/MSP, Reaktor, and SuperCollider. It sends and receives data in a way compatible with Flash's XMLSocket feature.

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