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November 27, 2004

NTT DoCoMo to Launch 901i Series of 3G FOMA Handsets with enhanced stereo surround sound, 100kb ringtones, and FlashLite 1.1 player.  Full Story

November 24, 2004

RetroFolio Launches Innovative Ringtone Production and Delivery Tool. RetroFolio is a web-based ringtone management toolset that streamlines the ringtone production and delivery process by providing asset management, file validation, WAP publishing and an efficient B2B distribution mechanism.  Full Story

November 22, 2004

Nokia updated its popular resource MIDI and Truetones PDF to version 2.1 on November 11 2004. Updated information on mobileXMF, SP-MIDI and AMRWB support in Nokia phones.  Full Story

November 20, 2004

Music Education Technology magazine recently published "Pocket-size Powerhouses", an article by Hayden Porter about the use of handheld computers for K-12 music education.  Full Story

Yamaha has released version 1.3.3 of ATS-MA5 authoring tool. This is the first release of this tool outside of Japan. Version 1.3.3 enables authoring of synthetic voice content for MA5 SMAF compatible devices.  Full Story

November 16, 2004

Music Media Watch: Steven Myers continues series of articles about the fate of midi based ringtone content providers in a market heading towards "realtones" (actual audio recordings instead of MIDI arrangements).  Full Story

November 13, 2004

"Could Ringtones BE More Annoying?!", Peter Drescher, sound designer for Danger, writes about why people love ringtones, and what the future may hold consumer use of audio content on devices.  Full Story

Macromedia recently expanded its mobile device site to include information for Operators, OEMs and Developers. FlashLite is currently available for imode 505i,506i and 900i, KDDI W21 series and most recenty Sony Ericsson V800.  Full Story

November 03, 2004

Beatnik Inc updates Mobile Sound Builder 1.2 to support mobileXMF and mobileDLS. Upgrade includes Mobile XMF Creation, Mobile DLS Export,Export audio previews in various formats and other workflow improvements. Free upgrade for 1.0 users.  Full Story

November 01, 2004

Music Media Watch: Steven Myers begines a series of articles about the impact that "realtones" (actual audio recordings instead of MIDI arrangements) are having on the the ringtone industry in Japan.  Full Story

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Mobile Audio Formats

November 27, 2004  Linked to a PDF file by Jarno Seppanen (Nokia) that gives an overview of 3GPP manadated formats such as AAC, AMR, SP-MIDI and mobileXMF.

Scalable Content Audio Authoring Guidelines

November 03, 2004  Linked to PDF white paper by Beatnik Inc., describing ways to effectively develop mobile XMF and mobile DLS content.

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