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March 31, 2005

Music Media Watch. Japanese Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) issued an official advisory notice to five of Japan's major record labels, including Sony Music, over their refusal to grant song licenses to third-party mobile audio content providers.  Full Story

March 30, 2005

NEC Electronics introduces the µPD9971 chip for mobile phones using Fuetrek 3D sound positioning technology, 128 polyphony, support for 4 simultaneous ADPCM tracks, and 7 on-chip audio effects (pitch bend, vibrato, delay, reverb, chorus, compression and Doppler effect).  Full Story

March 23, 2005

Yamaha recently added a number of SCAS examples to the SMAF global site to demonstrate syncing of graphics, text and audio for multimedia ringer alerts and messages.  Full Story

March 22, 2005

Wave Arts announced that PalmSource, Inc. has licensed Wave Arts' MobileSynth audio synthesis technology for use in Palm OS. Palm OS and J2ME applications will use MobileSynth for playing ringtones and MIDI content.  Full Story

ScanSoft, Inc announced the availability of SpeechPAK TALKS 2.0 a screen reader that offers access to wireless application protocol (WAP) and HTTP Web pages on Symbian Series 60 phones.  Full Story

March 18, 2005

Qualcomm recently launched its MSM6x mobile multimedia chipsets supporting AAC+, 72 note polyphony, SP-MIDI, SMAF, XMF (DLS), MFi, and integration with QConcert 3D surround sound.  Full Story

March 16, 2005

Music Media Watch: "PakeRaji" Debuts in Japan. Steve Myers writes about the emgergence of packet based streaming radio on mobiles in Japan.  Full Story

March 15, 2005

ATI Technologies Inc. introduced two new media processors, 2282 and 2182, enabling audio features such as 3D ring-tones along with stereo recording and playback in industry standard formats, including AMR, AAC, MP3, Real Audio, WMA and MIDI.  Full Story

Spatializer Audio Laboratories announced its New Spatializer ((environ)) 3G positional multimedia audio engine for mobile devices at CTIA Wireless 2005.  Full Story

Accelerated Technology recently announced Beatnik's mobileBAE software is optimized and available for the Nucleus PLUS kernel.  Full Story

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Silansys MoMedia Audio Engine

March 21, 2005  Added a link to the Silansys MoMedia audio engine with 3D sound capability, 64 note polyphony supporting SP-MIDI, mobile XMF, ADPCM wav.

Comparing J2ME Multimedia Options

March 14, 2005  Linked to an article by Qusay H. Mahmoud comparing the multimedia features of MIDP2.0, MMAPI and JSR234 including sound features of each.

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