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April 28, 2005

Sanyo has announced plans to ship 3 different chipsets intended for mobile phone device audio. Chipsets will support various formats such as MIDI, Mobile XMF, mp3, AAC and are JSR 135 compliant. (PR translated from Japanese)  Full Story

April 27, 2005

Research and Markets recently released a 2 volume report on the current and projected future state of the "real music" ringtone industry.  Full Story

April 20, 2005

Music Media Watch. Steve Myers writes about the continued success of full song ringtone downloads for KDDI.  Full Story

April 07, 2005

Recent article at Mobiledia summarizes audio and music features of upcoming Motorola phones E680i,E685 and E725.  Full Story

April 04, 2005

Mobile Music Forum Tuesday, April 12 to Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Grand Marina Hotel, Barcelona, Spain.  Full Story

Mobile Music Technology Workshop, Vancouver, Canada, May 25, 2005 In association with NIME 2005, The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.  Full Story

Comms designs recently published "Integrating High-Quality Audio into Mobile Design", an article by Dave Sparks of Sonic Networks, introducing concepts of synthesis and MIDI playback in embedded systems to software engineers.  Full Story

April 01, 2005

MobileMusicon 2005 LA, May 16-17, 2005 The Wyndham Bel Age Los Angeles, CA  Full Story

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NEC sound extension for J2ME

April 25, 2005  Linked to an article at mobilefriend.com describing NEC's extended sound api for J2ME on supported NEC phones.

MIDlet music: Add sound with WTK

April 12, 2005  Linked to a PDF by John Muchow on MIDP 2.0 sound and music control midlets.

Handling Sound Playback in DoJa 1.5

April 04, 2005  Linked to an article by Hiroshi Sakai at DoJa Developer about sound playback coding in DoJa 1.5oe for non Japanese imode phones.

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