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May 31, 2005

10th annual Project Bar-B-Q 2005, the premier interactive music think tank. October 13-16 Austin Texas.  Full Story

May 25, 2005

Music Media Watch. Steve Myers summarizes the record amount of royalties collected by JASRAC (Japanese Royalty collection) for 2004 mobile and online categories.  Full Story

May 24, 2005

Blue Pacific announces Turbine Mobile, a Flash Lite compatible server side SWF generating tool that dynamically integrates image, audio (including device audio formats), video and database content into Flash SWF templates.  Full Story

May 20, 2005

Nokia recently released Nokia Audio Suite 2.0. The latest version has a Mobile DLS editor, Mobile XMF compiler, and wav file editor, in addition to SP-MIDI editor and Nokia device sound emulator.   Full Story

May 17, 2005

www.deviceprofiles.net, providing a licensable database of device audio capabilities, reaches a milestone of 400 devices listed in the database.  Full Story

Music Media Watch. Steve Myers writes about Sony Ericsson's W31S mobile phone for KDDI's au service which could be a competitor to ipod.  Full Story

May 03, 2005

AM3D recently announced that its Diesel Power Mobile technology is now available on Windows PDAs. The Diesel Power FX Player takes stereo music and plays it as distinct virtual 3D sound sources, where the placement and movements of the sound sources can be controlled by the PDA user.  Full Story

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Symbian OS: Creating Audio Applications In C++

May 31, 2005  Added a link to an article at forum.nokia on developing audio applications with Symbian C++.

Sound Layering Technique for Flash Mobile

May 17, 2005  Added a link to article at Macromedia by Killersound demonstrating how to emulate a sound sequence for FlashLite.

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