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December 29, 2005

sonify.org on holiday break, be back Jan 6.  Full Story

December 28, 2005

Music Media Watch: Steve Myers writes about the emerganing music phone in Japan during 2005.  Full Story

December 16, 2005

MusicGremlin is launching a WiFi digital audio player pre-loaded with an embedded direct-to-device content service. Users will be able to download music from a catalog over two million available songs over-the-air and on-demand.  Full Story

December 15, 2005

"Ringtones or the Auditory Logic of Globalization", long essay published at First Monday by Sumanth Gopinath, discusses global ringtone industry, and cultural impacts.   Full Story

December 14, 2005

Music Media Watch: Steve Meyers writes about Warner Music Japan and KDDI's new music service promoting recording artists called 'WA-MO Pack'. Each 'WA-MO Pack' contains a recording artist's music video, full song ringer and Flash screensaver.  Full Story

December 13, 2005

Akira releases Akira Publisher 2.0, a WYSIWIG authoring environment that cliams to streamline the process of building content for J2ME MIDP 2.0 devices. Content and applications built with Akira can run on any J2ME MIDP 2.0 compliant device.  Full Story

December 12, 2005

Mobileer Inc, announces the release of the ME3000 a new line of its mobile device syntehsizer line of products. ME3000 adds support for the Mobile XMF (MXMF) ringtone standard and Downloadable Sounds (DLS2)  Full Story

December 09, 2005

QSound labs has licensed its microQ mobile audio engine to Lenovo Group Limited of China. Lenovo's P930 is the first Symbian phone designed for the Chinese market, and the first Symbian phone to use microQ.  Full Story

December 08, 2005

Tablet 2 Midi is a standalone windows application that allow you to use your graphics tablet / tablet PC / digitizer as a set of MIDI controllers. You can add an unlimited number of controllers, by defining areas of the tablet surface as buttons, sliders or XY-pads.  Full Story

MMS Podcast is an application that converts enhanced podcasts (m4a files with images synced with audio) into MMS messages syncing images with AMR. Advantages of MMS for podcast; more widely supported on phones than mp3, AMR smaller file size than mp3, ability to have chapters of content.  Full Story

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Using Sound with Symbian

December 29, 2005  Linked to a two part article by Gareth Poulton about developing with the Symbian OS native sound API.

Video And Streaming In Nokia Devices

December 12, 2005  Linked to document at Nokia covering basics of audio and video coding for Nokia platforms.

Mobile Audio Authoring Applications

December 05, 2005  Updated applications list, added Helix Mobile Producer.

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