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April 28, 2006

O'Reilly recently published "Could Mobile Game Audio BE More Annoying?!", an entertaining article by Peter Drescher of Danger Inc., about techniques for producing non repetitive game audio for mobile devices.  Full Story

April 27, 2006

Music Media Watch: Steve Myers gives an overview of the Record Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) released production figures (Q106). Interestingly, mobile downloads account for 94% of music download industry in Japan, even with the iPod presence.  Full Story

April 26, 2006

There is a lengthy discussion going on in Adobe developer forums for new sound features for next version of Flash, 8.5. If you have ideas for new sound features please post. Adobe support people are reading this thread.  Full Story

According to Gamasutra, PSP update v2.7 is now available in Japan and shortly other world regions. v2.7 update adds support for Flash 6 and RSS feeds to web browser, and also adds AAC audio format support.   Full Story

April 25, 2006

Motorola recently launched studio moto, a mobile content service aimed at end consumers. Using a browser based flash application for desktop PC, users can create mms messages containing sounds, video clips and text and send to a friend.  Full Story

April 24, 2006

Khronos Group Tokyo Mobile Developer University April 28, 2006, Free series of seminars on creating mobile content for Open GL ES,SL ES and other Khronos specifications. Nathan Charles, Creative, will present a seminar on Open SL ES, (Open Sound Language for Embedded Systems).  Full Story

April 20, 2006

Yukyung Technologies recently announced its viliv P2, a Windows CE powered PMP (Portable Media Player) supporting Flash Lite 2.0 content. No news yet on pricing or availability.  Full Story

April 17, 2006

Yamaha published David Bristow's Developer Tips for SMAF MA-7 vol. 2 which explores setting up sound effects, such as reverberation or chorus, in MA-7 compatible SMAF.  Full Story

April 13, 2006

CNNMoney.com has an article examining the recent sucesses of Record industry with master tone ringtones and speculates about the future impact music phones will have on master tone ringtones.  Full Story

Yamaha SMAF global site recently released two new SMAF tools, Master Volume Converter (MVC) and SMAF Time Controller (STC) both batch processing tools for applying volume and playback time to multiple SMAF.  Full Story

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Create Sound Synchronization Magic in Flash

April 24, 2006  Linked to article at DevX about using FlashAmp for Flash based audio visualization and lipsyncing.

Mobile Media API Example - Media Sampler

April 17, 2006  Linked to developer document at forum.nokia demonstrating use of MMAPI for playing sound and video.

Updates to mobile audio authoring tools

April 10, 2006  Added links to SSEYO's miniMIXA++ for mobile XMF export, and Faith Technologies mobile audio tools.

Sony Ericsson Developer's Guidelines - Ringtones

April 07, 2006  Added a link to SE ringtone development guideline. SE updated this document on February 28.

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