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January 29, 2007

Coding Technologies recently announced an upgraded release of its MPEG-4 aacPlus Audio Encoder engine claiming significant improvements in audio fidelity and listening experience without any associated increase in bandwidth consumption.  Full Story

January 26, 2007

Sony Ericsson Developer Site recently updated its Ringtone developer guide including information for the lateset Walkman handsets.  Full Story

January 19, 2007

According to Digital Music News, the Fraunhofer Insititute plans to announce a streaming surround sound version of MP3 supporting bit rates normally used for stereo MP3. Also mentions possible Flash compatibility.  Full Story

January 15, 2007

Choose Your Own Adventure, the interactive children's book series, is now offering iPod versions of its audio book stories.   Full Story

January 12, 2007

Music Media Watch: Steve Myers writes about the growth in Japanese Music File Sharing and steps the government and industry is taking to control this, especially for mobile file sharing.  Full Story

Belkin recently announced "TuneStudio" for iPod 5th generation (video), a four-channel audio mixer that enables high-quality digital recording mixed directly into an iPod.   Full Story

January 11, 2007

Opera recently released a free Beta version of its browser for the Nintendo Wii console, including integration with Flash 7.  Full Story

January 10, 2007

Adobe will be offering a free online seminar, "Audio Production for Video Pros and Interactive Designers", February 27 on how to use Adobe SoundBooth and Audition to prepare sound track for Video and Flash animation.  Full Story

The big news yesterday, incase you missed it, was the unveiling of Apple's iPhone, a wide screen ipod and phone supporting a version of Mac OSX, email client and Safari web browser (though its not yet known if these are "mobile" versions or same as desktop) with a touch screen interface.  Full Story

January 09, 2007

Adobe has released public Beta 2 of its new SoundBooth software. SoundBooth provides audio tools that video editors, designers, and others who do not specialize in audio, need to accomplish their everyday work.  Full Story

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January 17, 2007  ID3.org provides specifications for various versions of ID3 MP3 tagging standards.

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