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March 30, 2007

Coding Technologies announced that Motorola has licensed aacPlus. Motorola currently offers a variety of aacPlus enabled mobile phones including the recently announced Motorola KRZR and RIZR phone models.  Full Story

March 27, 2007

miniMusic recently release MixPad, an application for Palm OS enabling users to remix MIDI files during playback.  Full Story

March 26, 2007

Sony Ericsson recently released an article "Creating game music and sound for Sony Ericsson phones" by Roald Strauss focusing on MIDI in Java ME games for SE phones.  Full Story

March 23, 2007

Faith West announces the release of mXMFTool, a free Windows tool for authoring both Mobile DLS and Mobile XMF content. The tool features wave editing, batch conversion, and file size optimization and is packaged with a license-free collection of 125 Mobile DLS game sound effects. mXMFTool uses the CMX synthesizer for playing back content and is also capable of checking compatibility with the CMX synthesizer.  Full Story

March 22, 2007

M:Metric has released a report about musicphone use. Findings include more side loading than over the air, and a 385 percent growth in US music phones sales between January 2006 and January 2007.  Full Story

March 21, 2007

IASIG recently launched a "Interactive Audio WIKI" area on its web site, intended to help musicians and programmers better understand the process of integrating sound into games.  Full Story

March 20, 2007

Forum Nokia recently released a document explaing full duplex audio on series 60 devices, including a C++ example application that plays and records audio simultaneously.  Full Story

March 19, 2007

Developer.com posted an article, "Integrating MP3 Audio Messages Into Your WebSite". While the technical aspects are not new, the concept of brief audio messages seems to be new.  Full Story

March 16, 2007

Sony Ericsson developer site recently published "Getting started with sound in Flash Lite" by Hayden Porter, explaining MIDI and sound implementation for this Flash Lite platform.  Full Story

March 12, 2007

MXP4 Interactive Music has secured $6.5 million dollar investment for a new digital audio standard allowing artists, professionals and listeners to add an interactive, non-linear dimension to their music.  Full Story

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