Sydney ambulances improve response times with technology

January 2003: Ambulance response times will be reduced and on the road communication improved to help save lives when Sydney ambulances begin a wireless network installation from next month.

The network, managed by Sonify Wireless, will provide operators with a more accurate location of all ambulances, therefore enabling them to better pinpoint and assign the closest vehicle to an emergency.

Mr Robert Gray, General Manager of Corporate Services for the NSW Ambulance Services said, improved communications with our units while they are in field is expected to improve patient outcomes.

The contract, worth more than $15M over five years, is being delivered by a consortium consisting of Sonify Wireless, Technisyst and Ericsson.

Installation will be provided by the consortium in which, Sonify Wireless will play an integral part in design and commissioning of the network. Once commissioned, Sonify Wireless will be responsible for the ongoing management of the network.

The new network is based on Ericssons Mobitex technology, the same technology successfully deployed by the same consortium for the Queensland Ambulance Service in early 2001.

Each ambulance will be installed with a new mobile data terminal, allowing them to send text queries and transmit information to the communication centre operators while on route.

Inherent in the network are both security and reliability features, which enable it to continue operating in the event of component failures. Messages are transmitted quickly, accurately and tracked to ensure the intended ambulance has received the information.

With the new technology a message can be transmitted to an ambulance within ten seconds. This will also free up the voice radio network for emergency voice communication.

Sonify Wireless Business Manager, Stevan Ristic said, Initially, 300 ambulances will be fitted with the technology, based in city areas.

Sonify Wireless began in 1992 as Australias only dedicated wireless data network operator. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tyco Services, Australia.

Sonify Wireless: Tel (02) 9947 7947 Fax (02) 9947 7947