Organisations around the world have implemented private Mobitex networks for a variety of applications. Organisations in Austria (where there are 6 private networks), France, Italy, Poland, Nigeria and Australia have chosen Mobitex as the technology platform for their wireless data requirements. A number of these networks have been commissioned by emergency services and defence organisations, which rely on them for mission-critical data transmission.

In Australia, Sonify Wireless not only designed and implemented our own public network, we have also been part of a consortium which designed, installed and commissioned a private network for the Queensland Ambulance Service. The same consortium has also been selected by the NSW Department of Information Technology and Management (DITM) to design, implement and manage a private network to be used exclusively by NSW Emergency Services. The selection of the latter largely based on the overwhelming success of the Queensland Ambulance Service network.

Why do I need a Private Network?

Although our public network has been designed for maximum reliability and security, many customers prefer the added assurance of having exclusive access to their own network, particularly organisations such as Defence and emergency services where Mobitex has found a natural home.

However, this is not the only reason to have a private network. Many remote areas of Australia are not within the coverage of a wireless network of any kind. You may be part of a mining or industrial concern in these remote areas where your facilities are likely to cover a significant geographical area. Knowing the location of people and assets and having the ability to communicate with personnel can help you enormously in managing your enterprise, particularly in an emergency situation. Other requirements you may have could be:

  1. Tracking and monitoring of high value mobile assets (such as vehicles or machinery)
  2. Telemetry
  3. Reading of meters
  4. Statistical information from various equipment
  5. Communication with your Field Personnel This could be either via an in-vehicle data terminal or a handheld communication device. Send jobs and other data to your field personnel or have field personnel communicate in real time with your information systems to reduce information entry errors.

What is required to implement a Private Network?

Network coverage is provided by a unit referred to as a base station, which is installed at location where coverage is required. The base station provides coverage of up to a 30km radius (depending on the areas topology and other factors). Once installed, the network can either be managed by you or by Sonify Wireless from our Network Control Centre in Sydney. The whole process can take as little as 6 weeks to complete. Thereafter you can use your network as you wish.

How much does it cost?

Cost is dependent on many factors such as location, number of base stations required and accessibility for maintenance purposes. We offer an easy rental plan where you simply pay us a monthly network rental fee over an agreed term, which can incorporate all your requirements network installation, management, support and even field equipment, if required. The cost of a private network is considerably less than most people think, particularly when considering the return on investment in many cases. We would be happy to work with you to tailor a pricing arrangement that best suits you.

How do I find out more?

Simply fill in the contact us feedback form via the link or call us on (02) 9947-7950 to speak to one of our representatives.