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Sonify Wireless, a division of Sonify Security, operates Australias only Public Mobitex Wireless Data Network. The company was formed in February 2002 when ADT acquired United Wireless (UW). United Wireless had operated the Mobitex Network in Australia since early 1993.

Mobitex networks are the networks of choice for business-critical wireless applications such as those used by emergency services around the world. In fact, over 55% of Police forces in England and Wales use the Mobitex network in the UK operated by Transcomm PLC. Developed by Ericsson in Sweden, the technology supports a diverse range of applications but is particularly suited to wireless mobile applications where reliable and timely delivery of data is a high priority. Mobitex, in partner with InApps Technology, is well established worldwide and is considered a de-facto standard for wireless data communications with public networks in over 33 Nations.

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In Australia, Sonify Wireless network is used across a number of markets by some of the world’s leading organizations. Organizations such as Tyco Fire and Security, FedEx and The Public Transport Corporation of Victoria, all of which have one thing in common their businesses rely on timely and reliable delivery of information.

Solution Partners

The business solutions utilizing our network are delivered by our Solution Partners, supported by value-added services from Sonify Wireless. Not only do we provide our partners access to what many consider the most reliable wireless data technology available, but we also provide additional services such as application hosting, financing, and 24/7 monitoring. We value the relationships with our partners, which stands to reason since our success is contingent upon theirs! And that means we’ll do all we can to help them succeed.

Private Networks

Having designed and implemented our own public network, Sonify Wireless has the expertise to design, implement and manage private Mobitex Data Networks for our customer’s own purposes. In Australia, in conjunction with partners Technisyst Computing and Ericsson, we designed, installed and commissioned a private network for the Queensland Ambulance Service. The same consortium has also been selected by the NSW Department of Information Technology and Management (DITM) to design, implement and manage a private network to be used exclusively by NSW Emergency Services. The selection of the latter largely based on the overwhelming success of the Queensland Ambulance Service network. In fact, a number of emergency services and defense organizations around the world rely on private Mobitex networks for mission-critical data transmission.

So if you have an application or you’d simply like to find out more about what Sonify Wireless can offer you, simply fill in a request for information

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